Meanwhile, in Orange County, Calif., 1800+ inmates, some of whom have been convicted of violent crimes, are being let go in order to keep them safe from Covid-19 spreading in jails:

Good luck with that:

And in other news out of California, the state’s Dem governor is telling people to go to a beach:

Or go skiing, because driving to a mountain and spending the day with hundreds of other people is much safer than eating outdoors, right?

Oh, and this is the SAME guy who closed the beaches over the summer:

Remember when they even arrested a paddleboarder for using the ocean all by himself?

But wait, there’s more!

It seems that some Californians have decided their political leaders are full of s*it and they’ve had enough:

This article talks about how the city of Manhattan Beach near Los Angeles is encouraging people to go Christmas Shopping and has even turned outdoor dining areas — which are now closed for dining by county edict — into rest areas for people to sit after they’ve shopped:

It’s science that Covid-19 will spread among people sitting outside talking while eating but not while just talking. Or something: