Kayleigh McEnany was not playing around this morning when asked about Rep. Eric Swalwell and his China spy scandal:

“For 4 years, President Trump was accused of being a Russian operative. It’s absolutely breathtakingly remarkable that the entity that was under control of a foreign power was the Democrats, including Eric Swalwell. Democrats were accusing the Right of something they were doing all along. It was never Russia and the Republicans, it was the Democrats and China.”

Yet he still has his security clearance:

And Dems are just going to pretend that this isn’t a big deal?

“. . .the oxymoron of the century”:

If we had to guess, the sex-scandal part of this is gong to get a whole lot worse for everyone involved:

And, eventually, people will start going to jail:

Buckle up.

Editor’s note: McEnany’s name was initially misspelled in the headline. We have corrected the error and apologize for it.