There’s a “HUGE” new lawsuit to report this morning out of Texas where the state has gone directly to the Supreme Court in an attempt to overturn the results of Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin:

Kayleigh McEnany thinks it’s “HUGE,” too:

The lawsuit is being brought by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and not the state’s solicitor general:

It’s the job of the solicitor general to argue cases just like this:

And Law Twitter is noting that Paxton does have his own issues right now:

According to reports, much of what’s in the Texas lawsuit has already been litigated and thrown out:

Conservative law professor Jonathan Adler calls the suit, “really bad”:

And University of Kentucky law professor Josh Douglas says, “there is zero chance this will work”:

Steve Vladeck, a law professor at the University of Texas, went as far as to call it the “craziest lawsuit filed” so far:

More from Prof. Vladeck: