There’s a growing controversy in Cobb County, Georgia over the closure of early-voting locations that serve a primarily Black and Latino population:

And the closure of these locations is being called “election rigging”:

But it’s not “election rigging,” or voter suppression or anything like that. It’s a staffing issue where the county is having trouble finding people who will work these long hours during the holidays in a pandemic. From the Washington Post:

But Janine Eveler, Cobb County elections director, said she doesn’t have enough staff trained in advance voting to operate the same number of polling places for the runoff, which has taken on national significance because it will determine which party controls the Senate.

“We lost several of our advance voting managers and assistant managers due to the holidays, the workload and the pandemic,” Eveler responded in a letter to the groups. She added that “the remaining team members who agreed to work would do so only if the hours were less onerous. … We are at the end of the election cycle and many are tired or just unwilling to work so hard, especially during this time of year.”

In an interview Monday, Eveler said the workers are seasonal employees hired and trained for statewide elections. She said that many of them were “not willing to work 14-hour days for six days a week for three weeks.”

Former Attorney General Eric Holder, however, thinks something nefarious is going on.

“Back to normal in Georgia. Closing polling places in those areas with high numbers of African Americans and most likely to vote Democratic,” he tweeted:

Dem candidate called it all, “disturbing” and called for all the locations to be opened:

Fellow candidate Rev. Warnock called for the locations to be opened, too:

Well, if Dems want these locations opened, how about getting in touch with the poll workers who worked at them in November and kindly asking them to go back to work?