Rudy Giuliani called out Republicans in the Pennsylvania state legislature for not stepping in and awarding the state’s electoral votes to Donald Trump.

“Why covering up for Dem crimes?”:

He also said he’s “ashamed of them” and that they “completely misled the President and me”:

Earlier in the day, senior Republicans in the state Senate said moves by their colleagues in the state House were giving the president “false hope”:

They’re claiming they can’t legally overturn the election results:

But they did send a letter to the state’s congressional delegation asking them to object when the electoral college votes on January 6:

This sounds like a punt:

Some of the issues raised in the letter have been dismissed by courts:

Dem Gov. Tom Wolf’s response:

Lt. Gov. John Fetterman was harsher in his critique:


It’s also being pointed out that these same representatives are protesting their own election:

Letters were also sent to the state Attorney General Josh Shapiro. . .

. . . and to the Inspector General asking for a review of the 2020 election: