Something that’s really not getting a lot of MSM attention right now is the Trump campaign’s latest lawsuit in Wisconsin that seeks to challenge 221,000 votes cast in the state. And it bears attention because this one doesn’t rely on any sort of conspiracy theory, but instead on actual violations of state laws.

Jim Hanson breaks it down:

First up, the Trump campaign is going after ballots that were allegedly altered by clerks to add missing information:

The second issue is with ballots that were distributed without a written application attached:

The third issue, and quite a large number of ballots, are voters who were able to declare themselves “Indefinitely confined” which allowed them to register without the ID requirement:

And, finally, the city of Madison held a voter drive in an unapproved location:

Now, these 4 issues are a combination of election officials ignoring state law over multiple elections or errors on their part and it’s going to be a hard slog to get a judge to disenfranchise the votes. But the Trump campaign’s argument does have some meat to it:

And it raises the question of just how lax election officials got all over the country:

We’ll keep you posted.