Taylor Nichols, an ER doctor in California, is going viral right now for this 17-tweet thread where he talks about treating a patient covered in Nazi tattoos who was suffering from Covid-19:

You see, Dr. Nichols is Jewish and it’s a multi-racial, multi-cultural team that was treating the Nazi so this thread basically checks every box which is helping propel it across Twitter:

But Dr. Taylor wants you to know that he’s not doing well mentally right now:

And the “pandemic has worn” on him:

We did a quick check of his timeline and it seems he treats quite a few Nazis in this particular ER and he really likes telling people about it.

From February 2019:

And from June 2019:

He’s also called Jewish WH advisor Stephen Miller a “Nazi-sympathizer,” so maybe he’s Nazi-dar is a little off?

And as for all these claims, color us a little skeptical:

And it really doesn’t matter if it’s true or not at this point. The narrative is set: