Joe Biden reportedly twisted his ankle while playing with his dog, Major, on Saturday and he’ll see an orthopedist today to make sure he’s OK:

We do have a question, though. . .

How come the pet psychic The Daily Beast interviewed didn’t warn Joe Biden about the injury?

Maybe the dogs have a secret agenda?

According to that Daily Beast article, the pet psychic said that the dogs told her that Biden will have trouble with President Trump but didn’t say anything about how Major would injure Biden before he even takes office:

However, the dogs also revealed to Lee-Crowther that Biden’s troubles with the sulky and petulant Trump will be ongoing. “They said to me that he’s going into a big battle with Trump. There’s more to come. The fight is by no means over. They said what has gone on up to now will continue and ramp up, and be worse than it is already, unfortunately. But they said that Joe would do his best to defuse the situation, and hold his head up high.”

If the dogs LET Joe Biden get to the White House, that is:

So, did the dogs like to the psychic or. . . just maybe. . .the psychic is full to it? We may never know the answer.