One of the plaintiffs says he never agreed to be part of the lawsuit in Georgia:


Attorney Sidney Powell reportedly filed lawsuits in Michigan and Georgia on Wednesday alleging significant voter fraud that she says will show President Trump won both states:

Unfortunately, the two lawsuits are riddled with typos and this is proving easy fodder for the blue-check crowd:

The early analysis is that the lawsuits are still light on evidence and don’t specify what actually happened:

And many of “affidavits/examples were used in Lin Wood’s lawsuit that a Trump-appointed judge denied the TRO request for lacking standing”:

This suit is being brought by state and local GOP officials:

One thing being overlooked is that Powell wants to investigate votes that were cast by people who moved out of state, which does seem easier to prove than the other allegations. From attorney Harmeet Dhillon:

One other question for the Trump campaign that will be raised is who helped Powell prepare the document? According to the PDF metadata, the claimed author is Juli Haller, a DHS employee who was a Trump campaign field director:


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