Producer, writer and actor Michael Schur (“The Office,” “Parks and Recreations”), who tweets under the name @KenTremendous, unleashed this epically insulting thread where he proceeded to crap all over Thanksgiving. And we do mean all over Thanksgiving — the food, the tradition, the connection with family, with everything:

For millions of Americans, this could be the only time they gather and see family members throughout the year. It DOES matter:

One of his themes is that eating turkey is actually bad:

Boy, he sounds fun to have at a party:

He doesn’t like cranberries, too:

The thread just gets more and more insufferable:

Add “gravy” to his list:

This reminds us of “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” except Schur never realizes that all of the food is not what’s important on a day set aside to give thanks:

Belive it or not, he’s still going:

And going:

And going:

Nope, not done yet!

And here’s the last one:

Now, we know he tweets stuff like this out every year. Is it just a bit? Who knows. But with everything going on this year and with people near a breaking point, maybe don’t crap all over something that he knows is important to them?