Perhaps you’ve run across the “Room Rater” during the pandemic? If not, the quick explanation is that the person behind the account rates the rooms journos, pundits, etc. are forced to do their cable news hits from because of the pandemic.

For example, here’s the summary for Stephen Fowler, a public radio journo based in Atlanta:

But rather than ignoring the snark, Fowler shot back and took on the whole aspect of the account that basically shames low-paid journos working their a**es off under very tough circumstances:

Right? We’ve seen some of these high-paid talking heads build entire studios to look like actual living rooms in luxury apartments or vacation homes, and the account is picking on a guy using his actual living space?

And what might be most surprising, other blue-check quickly jumped in to pile on the account:

“Room rater sucks so hard”:

“Enough” already:

LOL. They’re even treating the account like T*ump where they won’t say his whole name: