Monica Palmer and William Hartmann, the two GOP members of the Wayne County Board of Canvassers, signed affidavits overnight saying they want to rescind their votes to certify the election results:

But it sounds like their move is too late as the signed certification papers were already sent to the Secretary of State:

Dem Jonathan Kinloch, vice-chair of the board, says “that vote was final” and “that vote was binding”:

Apparently, there was a second vote where the two Republicans also voted to “waive any reconsideration as it relates to bringing this matter back up”:

Kinloch is not happy about the affidavits:

And in an interview with the Washington Post, Monica Palmer said delaying the certification would not lead to President Trump carrying the state anyway:

“We were not delaying the inevitable,” said Palmer, referring to complaints that the GOP board members were stalling on behalf of President Trump. “We always knew that the margin of victory was such that it was not going to change the result.”

The next step is that the State Board of Canvassers meets on November 23 to issue a final certification:

We suspect this isn’t the end of it, however: