Rep-elect Marjorie Taylor Greene in Georgia tweeted on Sunday that someone requested an absentee ballot in he husband’s name prior to the election which forced him to vote by provisional ballot on Nov. 3:

So, what happened to that other ballot and what exactly happened here?

President Trump has tapped Doug Collins to lead the recount effort in Georgia and maybe he can get to the bottom of it:

Georgia is one of the states the Trump campaign will try to prove voter fraud led to Biden’s win in the state:

This might be complicated, however, by the fact that the Secretary of State is a Trump-endorsed Republican:

And we’re seeing some Georgia conservatives suggesting that the campaign’s fraud accusation might hurt the GOP in the Senate runoff races:

This puts Sens. Loeffler and Purdue in a tough spot, too:

Joe Biden has about a 10,000 vote lead with what’s thought to be most of the ballots counted:


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