MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki explained on air this afternoon that the reason the network hasn’t called the race yet for Joe Biden yet is that there are roughly 100,000 provisional ballots in Pennsylvania that are “skewing toward Trump”:

Oh, is that important?

Here’s the video where Kornacki breaks down what types of votes are left and where. The TL;DR version? Kornacki says there are roughly 100,000 mail-ballots in Biden friendly counties coupled with 100,000 provisional ballots that have, so far, trended toward Trump but nobody is really sure what’s going to happen with either tranche. Wonderful, ‘eh?


And it’s not clear if Pennsylvania knows just how many there are out there:

The Trump campaign had earlier sought to stop the counting of provisional mail-in ballots, but a judge denied that request:w

We’ll keep you posted.


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