No matter what Joe Biden says right now, we know that a Biden administration that’s heavily influenced by Green New Deal author Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is going to, at least try, to ban fracking.

So, what would that mean for the U.S. economy? Good question! Here’s Department of Energy spox Shaylyn Hynes with the facts:

First up, job losses. Lots and lots of job losses:

And higher gasoline prices:

Natural gas prices will skyrocket, too:

And this means we’ll be paying more to power our homes:

It’s estimated at $5,661 extra in costs per person:

This also means almost $2 trillion in lost state and local tax revenue through 2025:

Did we mention the lost jobs?

And it would put us at the mercy of OPEC nations, including Russia:

And that’s why elections matter.


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