The New York Times has a real crisis on its hand over its labeling of Miles Taylor as a “senior administration official” while granting him anonymity to trash President Trump in that now-infamous 2019 op-ed:

It’s like the long-running bit from “The Office” where Dwight Schrute keeps inflating his title:

To put this in perspective, Ari Fleischer tweeted that he would not even recognize someone at Taylor’s level while he was at the White House:

Now, it’s not just our side calling out the NYT. Here’s ABC News’ Jonathan Karl:

And he was only a deputy chief of staff at the time of the op-ed:

Axios’ Jonathan Swan questioned it, too:

Even #Resistance blue-checks don’t think the NYT acted in good faith:

When you’ve lost CNN’s Susan Hennessey, you have a problem:

Benjamin Wittes, too:

And the Times’ explanation for why they did what they did just doesn’t cut it:

Of note, the day after the op-ed ran, they warned us this could be coming: