It’s looking more and more likely that the key to the election is the aptly named Keystone State as “Biden’s lead isn’t *quite* comfortable enough,” according to data guy Nate Silver:

And this is why President Trump’s visit to the state yesterday was front-page news today:

But even worse for Dems? The New York Times Shawn McCreesh, who grew up in Pennsylvania, has an opinion piece out today that says the polls that show Biden ahead don’t match what he’s seeing on the ground:

“I grew up around here and am dubious” of Biden lead, writes McCreesh:

Some blue-checks are angry at the Times for even publishing this contrarian take, but fellow Pennsylvanian Jake Tapper thought it important enough to share and quote from:



Some of the people he did quote, however, were from in front of a store selling Trump merch:

So, Dems are now counting on “shy” Biden voters?

They have an anecdote for that, too: