In California, new guidelines from the state say you can’t celebrate Thanksgiving inside and that all guests must remain 6-feet apart at all times:

Now, with those guidelines in mind to help slow the spread of Covid-19, Lakers’ star LeBron James wants a parade to honor both his team as well as the World Champion Dodgers:

You can’t sing with your family but cheering two professional sports teams, with a mask, is OK?

Apparently so! Mayor Eric Garcetti promised some sort of celebration with the fans:

From the LA Times:

“I definitely intend to have the opportunity for Angelenos to celebrate the Lakers and, on their own day, the Dodgers,” Mayor Eric Garcetti told The Times late Tuesday night.

How those celebrations might take place is uncertain, with social distancing still mandated as the coronavirus continues its significant spread throughout Southern California. One idea Garcetti threw out: a hilltop reign at Griffith Park.

“Stick them up at the observatory,” he said, “and watch them preside over the town as champions.”

Or how about they drive around a parking lot and it’s live-streamed on Zoom. If that’s good enough for public school kids, it should be good enough for fans, right?