The Iowa Farm Bureau has issued a statement on the bogus email flying around claiming that the group pulled its endorsement of GOP Sen. Joni Ernst:

From the statement:

Recently, a fake email has been circulating through social media that Senator Ernst no longer has the support of Iowa Farm Bureau or our members. This email is fake, and any news reports that speak to its validity are false. Iowa farmers know Senator Joni Ernst understands agriculture and works tirelessly to increase the economic opportunities for Iowa farmers and rural America, and that is why the Iowa Farm Bureau was proud to designate her as a Friend of Agriculture. She continues to have our full support.

An image of the fake email, shared originally by an Iowa woman, quickly went viral as blue-checks amplified it without doing any fact-checking whatsoever:

Of course, Bill Kristol shared it, too:

Here come the apologies:

The woman did delete her tweet rather quickly, but the damage was already done by that point:

The fake email, however, is still out there: