There was a woman sitting behind President Trump’s left shoulder at tonight’s NBC News town hall in Miami that stole the show as she nodded in agreement with each of his answers. Have a watch:

But this woman who just happened to agree with the President has caused quite the stir on lib Twitter:

There’s even a conspiracy theory that the president arranged for her to be there with NBC News:

Or maybe she was paid?

Suck it up, libs:

Why aren’t they stopping her asks the TikTok comedian who imitates the president:

Katie Couric weighed in, finding it “distracting”:

Can’t have women thinking all of themselves, can we now?

And Twitchy regular Tom Nichols was particularly aggrieved by her nodding:

This is sexist, but it’s OK when a lib does it:

And, finally, we do expect this will end up on SNL because SNL sucks and this is just the type of bit they think would be funny: