As you might expect, the Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin is having a complete meltdown over President Trump’s drive-by to wave at his supporters outside of Walter Reed hospital on Sunday:

You see, somehow he’s going to infect the people on the curb from inside the Suburban:

And she has questions for the medical professionals who let him leave the hospital:

She wants those who did reported to the medical board:

On the other hand, she thinks it will be good for Joe Biden’s election chances:

Yes, we expect this will come up at the debate so just chill:

Just what America wants?

But the WaPo’s “conservative” blogger also wants SCOTUS nominee Amy Coney Barrett to answer questions about it:

She’s now a “poster girl” or something:

Guys, we’re not pro-life any longer:

How exactly does Rubin think this would go if someone even asked?


If you had “25th Amendment” on your BINGO card. . .

Maybe it’s his meds:

And she wants criminal charges, too: