There’s a viral New York Times article flying around that accuses the Trump administration of meddling with the CDC in regard to opening up schools. . .

. . .but what would you say if we told you this narrative and article was filled with complete BS? Here’s University of North Carolina professor Zeynep Tufekci with an absolutely brutal takedown of the Times.

“Meddling is illegitimate but can’t miss the science”:

In other words, the Trump administration was the one following the science:

By the way, it’s not just us calling “brutal.” Here’s Politico’s Alex Thompson:

We have the rest of the thread below, but here’s more criticism of the NYT:

The NYT is stone-cold busted:

The rest of the thread here:

Note: Twitchy readers already know the South Korea study was bogus:

Continuing, “The direct risk to children from is comparable or less to seasonal flu. It’s an important point to keep in mind”:

The whole article really is this bad:



This is how the age groups should be separated, by the way:

This is obviously news to the NYT:

Again, “meddling” is bad. But that’s not what happened here:

Even their updates to the story aren’t good enough: