The NFL’s first full day of games kicked off this afternoon with a number of players kneeling during the national anthem but the Falcons and Seahawks added a twist to the protest: Kneel DURING the kickoff instead.

Check it out:

As for what they did during the anthem, the Falcons players didn’t take a knee while a few on the Seahawks did:

It was really a mixed bag around the NFL. In New England, the Patriots all stood but the Dolphins stayed in the locker room:

In Las Vegas, the Raiders stood while some Panthers players took a knee:

In Washington, The Eagles and the team formerly known as the Redskins held a pregame sign of unity:

And then Washington players took a knee together as the Eagles headed to the locker room:

To be clear, this wasn’t during the national anthem:

Many Browns players took at knee:

As did many on the Ravens:

The Green Bay Packers, however, stayed in the locker room:

Most stood, some kneeled for the Chicago-Detroit game:

And in Indianapolis, head coach Frank Reich took a knee while the rest of the team stood:

So, not the unified message that many were hoping for:



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