With DC journos obsessed with The Atlantic story, they missed the really big news on Friday that Serbia and Kosovo have begun the process of normalizing relations with each other and with Israel:

For majority-Muslim Kosovo, this is a really big deal:

More via Fox News:

The deal normalizes relations between the two on everything from air, rail to opening of borders, officials said. It also includes Serbia moving its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem and Kosovo recognizing Israel.

Kosovo had declared independence from Serbia in 2008, nine years after NATO conducted an airstrike campaign against Serbia in a bid to end the persecution of ethnic Albanians in Kosovo. But Serbia and its allies have not recognized that independence, keeping tensions high.

And also on Friday, Richard Grenell brought the emoji heat when he scolded the press for caring more about The Atlantic story and not enough about this historic agreement:

“This is atrocious… You might be too young to understand what this issue is about. Maybe the older journalists should step up and say, ‘This is a big deal…'”:


Vox’s Aaron Rupar called it a “disgrace that taxpayers are paying Richard Grenell to smugly insult reporters”:

Leave it to the Vox guy to get his facts wrong, which led to this perfect response:

And even dopier criticism came from this HuffPost journo who didn’t like the way he pronounced “Schengen”:

This earned high praise from Mark Levin:

Ready for 2024?

You can watch the entire clip here:


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