The Washington Examiner’s Tim Carney is out with a must-read thread calling out the “irresponsible journalism” on what really happened in Kenosha with Kyle Rittenhouse last week.

First up, “most media are afraid to admit or consider that Rosenbaum could have been the aggressor, and KR was retreating from a violent aggressor who had armed compatriots, until Rosenbaum got close and his compatriot fired”:

They’re ignoring the context of it all and that’s what’s “irresponsible journalism”:

Rittenhouse was “always facing a small gang that had firearms and was intent on taking him down”:

But libs “who consume only major left-of-center MSM have no idea KR was being chased, Rosenbaum was aggressive, violent, and angry, both times his pursuers were armed” and this will have MAJOR implications if/when Rittenhouse is acquitted:

Reporters, “include the context that will deter readers from jumping to conclusions”:

As this answer to question shows, critics of Rittenhouse just aren’t informed of the facts:

And these are facts presented by the New York Times, mind you:

Libs, watch the videos. It’s all there: