Jason Howerton posted this heartbreaking photo of a Santa Monica pet store that’s a real gut punch. This is what the riots are doing to America:

The store is Animal Kingdom on Pico Blvd. and can use some help:

They recently posted on Instagram that the store is downsizing on October 1 because of Covid:

“Covid 19 sure has rocked our world, and unfortunately, Animal Kingdom is only one of thousands of small businesses that have been challenged and strained by recent events. In order to continue this journey, it is necessary for Animal Kingdom to scale back to the small, our original space just off of Pico. As DJ would say, “it’s time to get back to our roots, where we started.” I couldn’t have described this transition in a better way. We plan to take advantage of this transition and make our new (old) space even more comfortable and enjoyable for our visitors. After all, a great shopping experience with personalized service cannot be surpassed by our online competitors.

So beginning October 1, 2020, Animal Kingdom will be closing the doors to the space at 302 and 304 Pico. Animal Kingdom will continue to live and thrive in its original space at 300 Pico!”

Just awful:

And so much for the “it’s just property” myth:

Why don’t more Dems see this?

Instead, they’re telling us that “RioTs aRe tHe lAnGuAgE oF tHe uNhEArD”:


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