NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio said yesterday that his administration will review the NYC seal which features a Native American in a loincloth:

But to the New York Times, the New Yorker in the seal is problematic as well. They’re calling him an “American settler” and they’re disturbed by the “long rope with a loop on its end” that he’s holding:

From the NYT:

It features a Native American in a breechcloth and an early American settler holding a long rope with what appears to be a loop on its end, and for more than a century, it has served as the official seal of New York City — but perhaps not for much longer.

Except, the “settler” is a sailor and the rope he’s holding does not have a loop at the end. That’s a lead weight called a plummet and it’s used to measure the depth of the water. From

Supporters: Dexter, a sailor, his right arm bent, and holding in his right hand a plummet; his left arm bent, his left hand resting on the top of the shield; above his right shoulder, a cross-staff. Sinister, an Indian of Manhattan, his right arm bent, his right hand resting on top of the shield, his left hand holding the upper end of a bow, the lower end of which rests on the ground. Shield and supporters rest upon a horizontal laurel branch.

Wow, this is bad:

Not a noose:

We get that Cliff Levy, an editor for the Times is just quoting the article, but yeah. It’s bad:

This reminds us of the time Sarah Silverman mistook contractor marks on the sidewalk for Nazi logos:


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