In a response to Matt Lewis writing that it “would be a mistake” to purge all Republican lawmakers from the party if President Trump loses in November, Cheri Jacobus countered with “make them flee to the jungles of Argentina like the Nazis did after WWII”:

Here are the Republicans she’s calling Nazis by the way. From Lewis’ article:

It is against this backdrop that the Lincoln Project dropped a nuclear bomb in the form of an ad targeting Republican senators including McConnell, Lindsey Graham, Cory Gardner, Susan Collins, Martha McSally, and Thom Tillis, just to name a few.

“What the f*ck”?

We’d really like to know which Republicans she wouldn’t “make” flee to Argentina:

America’s two-party system has always been about assembling coalitions of like-minded voters, and the Republican party she’s envisioning believes in what exactly?

And if you challenge her, you’re “Vichy” Americans:

“She is not ok”:

Even people who are at times critical of the president should book their plane tickets, too:

She’s making a list, guys:

Enjoy South America, Jerry:

Broken, as in Humpty Dumpty and they’re never getting put back together again:


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