Sit down for this one, but there was another protest that turned into a riot in Portland last night:

And they tried to set the federal courthouse on fire:

Video via the NYT’s Mike Baker:

Oh, good. Now they’re rhyming:

Get the goons out of Portland, said the goons holding Portland hostage:

They’ve added moms to the festivities:

And then they started playing their stupid games:

Shout-out to the rioter with the Gore-Lieberman sign, who none of these libs would support:

And after the stupid games come the stupid prizes:

The feds quickly cleared the rioters:

And before Dems say the feds acted for no reason, there was a reason:

There are embeds with the DHS personnel?

More action against the rioters:

Then the rioters came back for Round 2:

And so did the feds:

Lather, rinse, repeat:

What do the rioters think they’re accomplishing with this BS anyway?

Look, Ma! Souveniers:




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