Kanye West held a rally for his alleged 2020 campaign today at the Exquis Event Center in North Charleston, South Carolina and it was . . . bizarre:

Kanye took the stage in what appeared to be a bulletproof vest and had 2020 shaved into his head:

And he scolded the crowd for making too much noise:

“Absolutely no clapping”:

“The anti-Jeb Bush”:

Elon Musk also got a shoutout:

But Kanye was, at times, very serious. Here he is talking about his past addiction issues:

And he broke down in tears while telling a story about how his father told his mother to have an abortion:

He thinks abortion should be legal, but the government should give every mom a million dollars for each baby:

On guns:

Many are calling out the rapper/businessman for this take on Harriet Tubman:

He was responding to claims that he would take Black voters away from Joe Biden:

He even had a heckler thrown out:

And this is how he finished:

As we said earlier, bizarre.


Editor’s note: We’ve corrected a typo. 

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