In a statement on Friday, Customs and Border Protection said their agents seen in a viral video detained a protester in Portland  because they “had information indicating the person […] was suspected of assaults against federal agents or destruction of property”:

This appears to be the video CBP is referring to:

The man was later released with no charges filed:

CBP head Mark Morgan defended his agency:

Names were taken off the uniforms to protect the agents and their families:

DHS pointed to President Trump’s executive order as justification for the federal presence in Portland, which is not sitting well with Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden:

Oregon Dems are calling for an IG investigation:

As is Billy Williams, the U.S. Attorney for Oregon:

FWIW, Williams was re-appointed to the position by President Trump in 2017:

Billy J. Williams has been the U.S. Attorney and the chief federal law enforcement official in Oregon since May 2015. Williams was re-appointed by President Donald J. Trump on November 17, 2017 to serve a four-year term. He was confirmed by the Senate on March 7, 2018 and his presidential commission was signed on March 13, 2018.