NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio announced this morning how schools will open in the fall, and to put it mildly, working parents are about to get screwed.

Families, get ready for “blended learning”:

Basically, schools will operate on a schedule where kids are in class 2-3 days per week on online on the other days:

“Most” students, he says:

There’s a chance at the crowded schools that 2-3 days per week is a pipe dream:

As for working parents and for teachers who have kids in the public school system, how the f*ck does this work?

They want to get class sizes down to 9-12 kids:

Narrator: This will not be the best school year in the city’s history:

It’s still TBD on just where they’re going to get the extra space:

Parents can opt-out of sending their kids to school in person if they so choose:

They’ll meet with parents in July to go over the plans:

And there will be masks. Lots and lots of masks: