Philadelphia Eagles star DeSean Jackson is under fire after he shared a fake Hitler quote to his Instagram page:

Here’s his “Hitler said” quote:

He later posted that people were taking his (fake) quote of Hilter the wrong way:

But then he crossed out the Hitler part and shared just the anti-Semitic part where the Jews have a plan for world domination:

This is even too much for libs:

Buzzkill in progress:

Jackson also posted a video clip from Louis Farrakhan on vaccines, adding a caption that Bill and Melinda Gates were “disgusting a**” people and that they should get the eventual coronavirus vaccine first:

So, will the media give him a pass on this?

If you recall, the NFL’s Drew Brees was forced to apologize for a post where he *checks notes* defended the American flag:

Well, at least Jackson didn’t wear a T-shirt nobody liked: