Townhall’s Julio Rosas is in lower Manhattan where protesters have set up their own version of Seattle’s CHAZ called the “City Hall Autonomous Zone”

They’ve set up a tent for medical supplies, food and water:

“Defund the police” isn’t enough, however. Now it’s “ruin their lives”:

And, of course, they hate having their antics documented:

Who wants to tell them that Shaquille O’Neil, a literal cop, is a major investor in Papa John’s?

Remember, kids, there is still a pandemic:

What a nice group of people:

But there was dancing:

But then the dancer called a cop a “f*cking black Judas”:

It looks like they’re setting up for the long haul:


Cops, for now, seem to be letting it happen:

Well, at least someone found a use for print media: