And now they’re coming after the “Star-Spangled Banner,” first written by Francis Scott Key in 1814 and adopted as the national anthem by a congressional resolution in 1931:

From the article:

“‘The Star-Spangled Banner was written by Francis Scott Key, who was literally born into a wealthy, slave-holding family in Maryland,” explains Powell. “He was a very well-to-do lawyer in Washington, D.C., and eventually became very close to President Andrew Jackson, who was the Donald Trump of his time, which means that there was a lot of hate and violence and division. At that time, there were attacks on Native Americans and Black folks — both free Black folks and folks who were slaves — and Francis Scott Key was very much a part of that.

One suggestion? Replacing it with John Lennon’s “Imagine”:

Not just “no.” How about, “HELL NO NEVER EVER”?

Speak up now, guys, because this is coming:


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