There’s a growing lib narrative that there’s voter suppression going on in Kentucky ahead of tomorrow’s primary:

But this cut in polling places is not what it seems:

University of Kentucky professor Robert Farley calls this narrative “literally wrong about everything, generally on things that would take 90 seconds of research to debunk”:

Wow, that seems important:

Basically, they have reduced the number of polling places, but that’s because of coronavirus and they did so with a bipartisan plan to keep voters safe. And at the same time, the state has been pushing early voting and absentee ballots at a scale unheard of before in Kentucky elections:

The actual number of people voting tomorrow in Lexington, for example, should be around 30,000, and that number still doesn’t include early voters:

And lines will be manageable:

But don’t believe us. Here’s Erin Keane, editor-in-chief of Salon:

And she notes this plan is bipartisan and not “GOP ratf*ckery”:


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