The Torrance, Calif. Police Department just held a news conference to identify “Torrance Karen,” a woman seen in a series of videos making racist statements:

Twitter sleuths, including blue-checks, doxxed a different woman earlier in the day as they searched for the culprit:

There are rumors online that the woman is mentally ill and police are looking into that as well:

But police aren’t even sure if she’s committed a crime:

People are also trying to get her fired from her job at Carl’s Jr., but she’s not even an employee:

Here are the videos. . .

The first one to go viral showed the woman yelling at another woman while she was exercising in Wilson Park in Torrance:

And a second video, at the same park, showed a fight that occurred over a parking space:

As the police said, they believe she’s responsible for this incident at the Del Amo mall that also in the area:


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