Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is explaining what “defund” the police actually means, saying it’s “asking for the same budget priorities that White communities have already created for themselves: schooling > police, etc.”

Except, she has her facts totally wrong. New York City has $34.2 billion budgeted for schools in 2020-21. . .

The DOE’s fiscal 2020-21 budget of $34.2 billion includes $27.5 billion in operating funds and another $6.7 billion in education related pensions and debt service funds.

. . .while the NYPD budget is $6 billion:

She went on to say it’s not the job of the activists to pick “poll-tested slogans” or care about “electoral feasibility”:

There are “pitchers” and there are “catchers,” you see:

Yeah, but the pitchers and catchers both want to win and they work together on that. In AOC’s example, the pitcher is throwing beanballs at the voters while the catcher is trying to tell the pitcher to win the damn game:

Dems, listen to this woman at your own peril.