Over the weekend, the Washington Post published what was reportedly going on behind the scenes after President Trump warned on Twitter that any protesters that hopped the White House fence would be met by “vicious dogs”:

The way the Post tells it, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser and her team thought this was racist:

From the Post:

As the mayor and her team weighed a response to Trump’s tweets that Saturday morning, it wasn’t his personal attack that most angered Bowser, according to aides.

Rather, it was his use of the phrase “vicious dogs,” which the mayor, who is African American, viewed as racist. A day earlier, Trump had used the phrase “when the looting starts, the shooting starts” to threaten Minneapolis protesters, echoing the threats of a white Miami police chief in 1967 that had angered black civil rights leaders.

Now, we get that they hate the president. But, there are vicious dogs behind that fence and we know what those vicious dogs will do because the national media CELEBRATED these dogs when they took down a fence jumper in 2014:

Maybe the Washington Post missed their own article on it?

Dogs of war, even:


So, please tell us why this is racist when it was a 100% factual statement?

By the way, the dogs are named Jordan and Hurricane and they both suffered minor injuries protecting President Obama and his family:



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