A pop-up street party near Orlando, FL prompted CNN’s Chris Cuomo to quip, “No Worries. They can just take some chloroquine”:

FFS. Of all the people to drag an unproven therapeutic to fight coronavirus, he is LITERALLY the one guy who should just sit this one out. Here’s a reminder on how his wife treated coronavirus:

Bleach baths are actually a thing and it’s causing injuries in Belgium:

Is Chris Cuomo’s wife responsible for this?

If you recall, Cuomo’s wife blogged about the above nutri-drip, which was administered by a doctor traveling from NYC. This prompted Twitchy regular Dr. Jennifer Gunter to question if this really was an essential medical service during a pandemic:

The New York AG even thanked her for “bringing this to our attention”:

So, how’s that investigation going of the governor’s brother’s wife’s doctor? Crickets? You don’t say! More from From Entertainment Tonight:

The mother of three then explained that she experienced “such intense, explosive, negative, sinus energy” and had the doctor give her a vitamin drip at home. She shared that the combination of Vitamin C, D, B, zinc, quinine, glutathione and more made her sinus headache go away within two hours.

“[The doctor] added a little bit of caffeine into that mix and I was able to — my nose wasn’t running anymore — I was able to sort of just hang out and respond to emails and texts,” Cristina explained.

These are her own words:

Also, quinine is an anti-malarial drug, you know, like chloroquine:



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