Washington Gov. Jay Inslee announced a new contact tracing program for the state in a medium post, because that’s the best way to alert your population to a major new expansion of government power:

He then gave a press conference on it, which also didn’t go well. This excerpt, for example, is one you’ll see a lot today. . .

In summary, once someone tests positive, state contact tracers will tell everyone that infected person has come into contact with to quarantine themselves for 14 days. According to what was said at the press conference, this means no leaving the home, even for groceries or meds:

Need to eat? The state will provide groceries for you. Somehow. It isn’t clear:

The exact quote:

Let’s just say there are a few bugs that need to be worked out:

Gov. Inslee is going to need to clean this up:

We’ll also note that this type of plan is likely to fail in the U.S. anyway. From Stanford Prof. Keith Humphreys:

Swedish model here we come.


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