Twitchy favorite AG blasted The Hill, and other outlets for continuing to mislead readers on the “results of increased testing” which pushes the number of cases up in a state but at the same time ignores that the percentage of people testing positive has gone down, which is a good thing:

It’s also irresponsible to tie this increase to states that just started to open up this week:

But don’t take AG’s word for it, even though you should. Here’s Nate Silver making the same exact point:

The media is “actively misinforming people and creating discentives to do more tests”:

And notice how the media is still singling out red states? Here’s the Mayor of Denver explaining how the “uptick in coronavirus cases correlates with increased testing in the city”:

Want more misinformation? Check out this chart via MSNBC’s Jesse Rodriguez. This charting just the increase in positive tests AND not using per capita numbers:

We need the “RATE”:

“Re-graph” that and tell us what you get:

Bracket out each state and see what it looks like. NYC-based journos won’t be happy, however:


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