Police in Apex, North Carolina arrested Matthew Myers, the married father of three and owner of Apex Tattoo Factory after he opened his studio on Wednesday to protest the state’s lockdown:

Stay tuned for more this week from Dan Bongino, but this is a really good start to helping this guy out:

Via CBS 17, Myers said that even though he’s been closed for 7 weeks, he hasn’t received any help from the state:

“Nobody is helping us,” he said.

It’s been four weeks since Myers was forced to close his tattoo stop. The married, father of three said he’s struggling to make ends meet.

“I got approved for unemployment yesterday. I’ve seen no money still, seven weeks, we’ve burned through all my savings,” he said.

A news release said officers reached out to him to discuss his plan and advise him that “opening without authorization would violate applicable North Carolina General Statutes.”

In this video posted to Facebook, Myers accused NC Gov. Cooper of “destroying lives, but also said he hasn’t received his family hasn’t received their federal stimulus check as well.

Myers didn’t think he would get any customers, but opened up knowing he would get arrested to bring attention to people like him who have been forcibly closed but have received no aid. From the Apex Tattoo Factory Facebook page:

And here’s a post from yesterday: Choose a side:


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