Two weeks ago, South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem was criticized for not issuing a stay-at-home order as her state, according to the blue-check brigade, was now a corona hot spot:

According to the WaPo, there were 868 active cases in the state at the time:

And this is a glimpse into our future they said:

It also may offer a glimpse of the country’s near-term future, as pressure builds — not least from the president — to reopen after a weeks-long shutdown. Trump has been eager to get the economy on its feet again by the beginning of May after record rises in unemployment claims and dramatic falls in the stock market.

So, how’s the state doing after 17 days? Here are the numbers via the South Dakota Department of Health that show the same number of actives cases but now deaths have increased by 7 to 13:

Maybe the WaPo can do a follow up?

Certainly Rachel Maddow would be interested in this news:

This shows that you can take the disease seriously, and we are not downplaying the seriousness of it at all, but at the same time take into account that not every state looks like New York City:

Or is this going to be like the ventilators story and now that it’s not a crisis, it will just go “poof!”:

We’d suggest maybe hiring some pundits from cable news who aren’t from NYC or DC to maybe get a feel for what’s going on in the rest of America:

FACT CHECK: She was right!

Good job, Gov. Noem:

Here’s fire fighters giving her surprise celebration to thank her for the job she’s done:

Now it’s the media’s turn to get it right: