CNN’s Chris Cuomo took to Twitter this morning to lecture Vice President Pence about not wearing a mask, apparently forgetting how he broke quarantine while still experiencing COVID-19 symptoms on Easter Sunday to travel to the Hamptons with his family:

“It really takes some gall”:

People have questions, Chris:

And he’s doubled-down?

Note: He just admitted by accident that the whole Lazarus act was a lie:

What a clown:

And was he wearing a mask when yelling at the guy?

This is textbook “gaslighting”:

Maybe Brian Stelter can report on this?

For starters, his wife reported on her blog that he had a fever in the afternoon and evening:

And he admitted on TV two days later that his symptoms had returned:

Also, he wasn’t in his own backyard. He traveled to a second property in the Hamptons, with his whole family:

His wife and son then tested positive over the coming days:

When is CNN going to put an end to this BS?