The Counter, a “nonprofit newsroom investigating the forces shaping how and what America eats,” is pushing back against claims made by the chairman of Tyson Foods who warned in a full page advertisement in the NYT, WaPo and Arkansas Democrat-Gazette claiming “the food supply chain is breaking.”

“There’s more to the story” is putting it mildly if this the following information in this thread is accurate:

For starters, yes, COVID-19 is disrutping some plants:

But “the system is not likely to break down”:

“First, there is no shortage of meat destined for the grocery store shelf”:

There’s already a lot of meat in cold storage. For example:

Prices, however, will eventually rise:

Here’s where the bottleneck is:

And there’s the restaurant/retail issue:

The supply chains just aren’t very “nimble”:

Some small businesses have made the switch, however:

“Hangups at the largest, most crowded plants don’t mean the whole system is in trouble”:

In summary, stop the panic: