Well, people have found the blog where Chris Cuomo’s wife talked about how she’s treated the two of them for coronavirus and it is legitimately the most f***** up thing you’ll read today, possibly all year:

For example:

Guys, the full moon caused his fever to spike:

And Tylenol is a no-no:

We don’t recall Sanjay Gupta mentioning any of this:

Oh, and have a board-certified psychiatrist come to your house for whatever the f*** this is:

On Tuesday and Wednesday, when my sinus congestion was painful, I enlisted Dr. Roxanna Namavar from Pretty Healthy NYC, who also does vitamin drips at home in the Hamptons. She shows up in her full hazmat outfit and 3M mask. I got magnesium, NAC (a precursor to glutathione, said to be very helpful against COVID-19), vitamin C with lysine, proline, and B complex, folic acid, zinc, selenium, glutathione and caffeine (to combat the headache).

Do they sell these on Amazon?

I also rented a PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) machine, which optimizes the ability of cells to start healing. It uses low-energy fields to stimulate the self-healing mechanisms of the cells after a physical injury or a viral attack on the body’s tissues or bones. For COVID-19, it increases the speed with which your lungs and whole body can recover. I was able to rent this from StandWellness in Water Mill for the month, but it is good to use for any ailment, at any time. I have used it in my office for the arthritis on my foot and for the inflammation Lyme disease caused my shoulders.

So, maybe these people at the restaurant should get tested, too:

Every day this week, Chris and I both ate an Ayurveda lunch from chef Corey de Rosa at Tapovana in Bridgehampton; his menu treats food as medicine. Aside from improving digestion, Tapovana’s dishes are also nourishing and cleansing. They focus on having balanced proportions of essential healing micro (vitamins and minerals) and macro (proteins, carbs and fats) nutrients. I had also ordered lots of comfort Italian cuisine to go from Aquolina; that way, I could freeze it and have it on hand for the kids to simply heat up.

“Seriously insane”:

We’re done getting lectured to by Cuomo on anything science-related after this:



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