It’s no secret that the national media LOVES New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo:

And thanks to that praise, Gov. Cuomo polls really well regarding his response to coronavirus:

But those poll numbers might comes as a shock to the millions of unemployed New Yorkers who are having problems even applying for benefits:

It’s been over a month since New York City and the rest of the state starting closing businesses and it’s still a freaking mess:

A month. She’s been trying for a month:

“The whole thing is a complete Kafkaesque mess,” said Brooklyn resident Courtney Henley, who runs media events for small businesses. Henley, who began attempting to file for benefits while recovering from COVID-19 last month, has been unable to login to the website or reach a DOL representative for assistance. On Tuesday, she managed to reset her password.

National media, why aren’t you paying attention to this?

Payment delays and filing backlogs, though, have fueled skepticism of the New York government’s efforts. Brooklyn resident Jazmine Alzado said that, after filing a claim online, she received notice that the DOL would call her back within 72 hours—a system implemented as part of the “Tech Surge” to simplify filing. More than a week later, she’s still waiting.

“I have no faith in getting a call back,” said Alzado. “I have never been unemployed, I have always paid taxes. I vote, I do whatever I can to be a responsible citizen. And this is how the [government] is treating me.”

And if you’re an independent contractor? Forget about it:

Every damn question in his next briefing should about unemployment: