Our friend and People’s Republic of California taxpayer Kurt Schlichter reports:

It was a 3.8 magnitude quake that hit near Inglewood, according to the Los Angeles Times:

This is one of the amusing aspects of Twitter, at least until a bad one hits:

Celebrity Chrissy Teigen says it felt like her house was going to “fall down the hill”:

3.8 isn’t that big a quake and there was no damage reported, but people are on edge:

And, TBH, this could be the only time in Los Angeles history where people actually have the supplies on hand if the “big one” did happen:

Sorry. Plate tectonics rests for nobody:

East Coast insomnia Twitter is here for you:

Actually, this would be a good time for people in the hurricane zone to start thinking ahead if they have to evacuate. If things are still shut down over the summer, an evacuation with no hotels or restaurants open will be problematic, to say the least:

Nah, this is what Twitter is for:

And finally, some advice for the next one just in case it’s not so benign: