You know how for the past 3 years we’ve heard about how dangerous it is to share fake news on social media? Yeah, well, that danger ends when the fake news aligns perfectly with what you want it to say. THEN it’s OK to share without even bothering to check.

Case in point, here’s The Bulwark’s Charlie Sykes sharing a flyer he saw for an “End The Lockdown Rally” on Staten Island, NY for Sunday April 19. Note that Sykes shared this on Tuesday:

If Sykes had bothered to do even the most basic internet search before gleefully sharing that photo, he’d have learned that not a single person showed up for the rally in an area that pretty favorable to the president. From the local Staten Island Advance:

This suggests the flyer was a giant troll or hoax aimed at getting people like Sykes to share it on social media, but he disputed that:

Well, we’ll call this official confirmation that it was a hoax. From New York City councilman Joe Borelli who suggested that the “people who posted pictures were likely the ones who put it up”:

Even if you don’t want to call it a “hoax,” it’s, at best, unverified. But that didn’t stop Kellyanne Conway’s husband and Alyssa Milano from sharing it as well:

At least she questioned if it was real or not, unlike Conway or Sikes:

Do better, people, who stop lecturing everyone else.